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PENMIX LTD, selected as the “2019 World Class Product of Korea"
등록일 : 19-11-28 13:24조회수 : 3,498

On 21st of this November, PENMIX LTD (CEO - Young-joong Kim, Dongkyu Park) has been selected as the company with WCPK (World Class Product of Korea). The award is sponsored by MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), and arranged by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) every year.

The nominees’ product should satisfy the following conditions –One, the product should be exported in more than USD 500 million-scale. Two, the global market share should not exceed 5%. Three, the amount of export of the product should overpower its competitors.

Among 38 nominees of the year, PENMIX was the only awardee with therapeutic FDF while others were Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd of transporting machine, Hyundai Steel of blasting furnace business, and Kumho Petrochemical of petrochemistry.

Considering how much the pharmaceutical industry takes parts in the Korean economy comparing to other industries, it is worth to notice that PENMIX LTD has been selected as the awardee beating other major pharmaceutical competitors.

This fact proves that PENMIX has obtained the acknowledgment for its competitive product from the tough global market.

Since its foundation in the year 2002, grown as the manufacturer of World-Class product of Korea with outstanding quality and technology, PENMIX LTD has finally come to fruition after its lengthy effort of more than a decade. PENMIX is a specialized CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) for penicillin and sterile injectable products. It has acquired more than 30% of the market share of penicillin injectable products in both Korea and Japan as the global leading company.

Especially, gaining recognition in the Japan market, infamous for its strict and fastidious pharmaceutical requirement level, is the evidence for the superior quality control and technology of PENMIX.

Being acknowledged for its outstanding reliability and progressive spirit, PENMIX has received numerous ‘love calls’ from multinational companies all over the world. Not only from the USA and Europe which have the biggest pharmaceutical markets, but also more than 20 partners from GCC, South America, and South-East Asia regions have made contracts with PENMIX already where to exports its superb manufactured goods.

As a life science company, it is a matter of course to accord with global standard quality management with ethical consciousness”, said the manager from Penmix.

The virtuous circle of management system by profit-reinvestment has been the major growth factor for PENMIX since its foundation. It has constantly invested in developing high-value and differentiated products that require a challenging level of technology. This led them to the continuous growth of the company and contributed to achieving competitive R&D ability and Asia-Top manufacturing capability which also has set the stage for PENMIX to extend its worldwide export market.

Based on our strength of technology and manufacturing capability, we will speed up to enter the USA and Europe markets, and to be the genuine global leading company,” said the manager from PENMIX.